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Booking Procedures

When you book a session, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Artist is allowed two additional guests. If you need more than two guests for the purposes of your session, please contact us before so that we can adequately prepare (225) 456-6180. We have an inviting and relaxed space, but we cannot comfortably accommodate more than 4 people in the control room. Further, it is our philosophy that great records require a certain level of focus and for the purpose of consistently creating the best product for the artist, we want to eliminate any unnecessary strain to the engineer's attention. We have a no open flame policy in our studio. This means we do not smoke indoors. We share a building with other business professionals and wish to remain in courteous standing with them (if it is loud, please keep it outside). Please do not smoke directly by the entrance of the studio. We are interested in building long standing relationships with our clients. This studio now represents a decade of investment and dedication to the craft and our community. We take pride in our capabilities as engineers and producers and aim to provide artists an industry sound that matches their vision. Please take note of the Cancellation Policy and Studio Etiquette & Tips, listed below to get the most out of your time booked. These policies allow us to remain competitive with our rate and balance the continuous nature of this work.

Cancellation Policy

(from the start time of scheduled session)

Less Than 24hrs

  • no refund available

  • keep loyalty points

  • studio managers discretion to reschedule the booking

Between 24-48hrs

  • 50% refund available

  • keep loyalty points

  • no reschedule available if refund is issued

Outside 48hrs

  • 100% refund available

  • loyalty points from booking deducted

Session is completed upon...

Studio Etiquette

Youtube Videos


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